Helping Farmers Build a Better Business!

Farming businesses must now be financially resilient.

That means farmers have to know how to manage the financial side of their business. The problem is, many feel that their financials are out of their control.

They struggle with...                       

  •  getting hold of the financial information they need to make well informed decisions.
  • knowing what their cashflow requirements are - they're either unknown, or guessed, or being addressed too late.
  • knowing "where all the cash went", except where part is revealed in statements from a previous year.
  • responding to stakeholder requests for financial information - e.g. the Bank requires business information to enable their support of both long and short term lending requests.
  • keeping the farm business steady when things turn financially volatile.
  • meeting financial obligations on time - e.g. creditors, or GST
  • locating the points of inefficiency on their farms.

Good news! We can help you take control...