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Our Services 

Farming financials are our specialty! We offer a full suite of services from which you can take as much or as little as you need. Some of our customers require complete hands on assistance, while others just want specific one off assistance.

Liquidity Management

When cashflow gets tight, peace of mind is knowing that funds are available to see you through. Maintaining adequate liquidity requires a little planning, e.g. early communication to your bank of short-term cash requirements increases their ability to respond positively

Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts

Good budgets and forecasts enable you to plan ahead and make better informed decisions. We can help you put them together so that it's your plan and your forecast. Having budgets and cashflows to share with your trusted advisors puts everybody on the same page and helps your Bank Manager to support your business longer term.

Loan Applications

Seeking funds for farming is a unique process. We can assist you in putting your financial and physical farm data into a format that is easily understood by your Bank Manager, helping them to help you!

Opportunity Analysis
Thinking of making a change on farm, but just not sure if the dollars 'stack up'? We can help you and your team analyse the financial data so you can identify if it's a change worth making.

How is my farm performing against others? Am I overspending in areas where others aren't? What are the key performance drivers of my farm? Is there anything I can change to drive profit further? Benchmarking tools help you answer these crucial questions.

Farm Office Administration
We can help you keep on top of bookkeeping and administration, making life easier for you and your accountant (note, end-of-year accountants bills can be reduced when good record keeping happens!)

Financial Software
There are some great farming software packages out there to help you and your team of advisors manage your farming business. We can enter your data for you, or we can provide support and training to do it yourself.